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As a Fighting Knights supporter, you are likely familiar with the qualities of spirit, service and strength that Lynn nurtures in every student athlete. These characteristics have built our foundation of 23 national championships, our average 3.37 GPA for student athletes and our desire to serve the needs of others.

Our comprehensive education of mind, body and attitude develops graduates who enter the workforce knowing how to balance confidence with humility and high emotional intelligence with courage. These qualities have helped us become the model for college athletics for three reasons:

  • Our students win championships.
  • Our students graduate.
  • Our students are secure in who they are.

We understand who we are, our purpose and our culture of spirit, service and strength. We would like you to join us in nurturing these values in our student athletes. Your gift to the Blue & White Club helps our coaches recruit, tutor, mentor and train elite student athletes, for victories in competition and in the classroom.

Thank you in advance for your gift. Every donation counts as we continue our mission to create a better world with our students.


Denise Santiago

President, The Blue & White Club Leadership Council