Feature Friday: Lacrosse’s Rothstein Becomes Local Soup-er Hero

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Published Mar 21, 2014 07:46 PM

Fans we are back with our Feature Friday's after a couple of weeks off for Spring Break and boy do we have a doozy for you.  What would you do if a crime was being committed in front of your or a police chase commenced across your front lawn?  Would you stop and try to apprehend the suspect or let the authorities take care of everything?  This question became a reality for lacrosse student-athlete Brandon Rothstein, and in an instant, he has become a Soup-er Hero

On Wednesday, March 19, as the Lynn University lacrosse team was loading the bus for its first Sunshine State Conference game in program history, Brandon Rothstein acted selflessly to stop a fleeing hit-and-run suspect by tackling him and putting him in a sleeper hold until Boca Raton Police were able to apprehend the suspect.

Rothstein, or “Soup” as his teammates call him, is a senior on the first-year lacrosse team at Lynn. He was on his way to the bus’ departure sight after grabbing a quick snack at the Elmore Dinning Commons when he saw a police car chasing a four-door sedan towards the North Parking Lot on campus. He took off running and by the time he got to the lot he noticed the suspect running across the newly-constructed Bobby Campbell Stadium that has yet to be unveiled.

“When I saw the suspect running from the police I realized he was running in my general direction,” said Rothstein. “I quickly sized him up and decided I was going to stop him, especially after he ran across our new lacrosse field.”

The criminal justice major took off towards the suspect and hit him in his chest, immediately taking him to the ground. He put the suspect, later identified as Spencer Cohen, into a sleeper hold while the Boca Raton Police Officer on the scene was able to arrive and hit the suspect with a taser.

“I was already on the bus and my eyes were focused on the suspect being chased by a Gerrits construction worker,” said assistant coach Mike Wilus. “Brandon [Rothstein] came out of nowhere and tackled the suspect. I am really proud that we have leaders on our team like that who are willing to stand up for what is right.”

The incident began just outside Lynn University’s campus when a marked police car noticed a Toyota with an expired registration decal. After running the plate and confirmed the decal was expired, the officer turned his lights on and began his pursuit to pull over the vehicle.

The Toyota continued south down N. Military Trail hitting two cars and running a red light before pulling onto Lynn’s campus where it crashed into a utility trailer before Cohen fled the car and headed west towards the stadium entrance.

“Brandon is a great role model for our young team,” said head coach Brian Kingsbury. “He is the kind of guy, along with his roommate William Port who is a United States Marine Corp Veteran, who takes his freedom and the law very seriously. I hope to see him with a badge one day pursuing a career with a federal agency.”

The Harrison, N.Y., native later added, “Upon graduation, I hope to work for a local law enforcement agency and, one day, work for a federal agency.”

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